Sunday, October 11, 2009


I love fall because it's halloween and pumpkins and I get to decorate with my mom!!

I like going to the pumpkin patch and I love rain!!!

And I love to go trick or treating with my Dad, cuz usually my Mom stays at home to give out candy to the trick or treaters.  Then we go to trunk or treat at church.  I love that!!

Here is a cool craft that I like so I wanted to show it.  You can click on it to go to the instructions!


  1. I love your new look allie girl!! It's so fall & so fabulous!! Let's make that craft today w/ our dollar store crows! OK??


  2. Super cute Miss Allie!! So glad you found some time on the computer to post, it looks great!!

    Have a super day & I will check to see what new stuff you post while I'm on vacation, OK.

  3. Hello Allie Cat,

    I was amazed at your blog and how you fit a halloween theme~look into your blog. I just love it! Please keep up all these great ideas and pictures! I will definitely be visting your blog often!

    Madisen ;)

  4. I love your blog!!! You did a great job on your crow in the jar thing. You can do anything! Dad loves you!

  5. Allie....where are the new Christmas pictures? You are out of school so no reason you can't post some fun pictures from your Christmas Vacation. I will check back to see what you come up with......Have a "great" day!