Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have not done a blog post in awhile! So this post is going to be on me and my sister Madi's carwash/water fight!:)  

So this is the begining when no one is about to ATTACK!!! we went and got the stuff and I could tell we were both getting suspicious. :/ 

 this is me getting myself wet so it won't be FREEZING!!!when I get sprayed!

ohhh there's a rainbow!!
this is me getting myse-
lf wet so it won't be FREEZING!!when i get sprayed! :)

This is where the fun began!i had the hose and said i was going to spray the car but I went and sprayed her and ran!!I droped the hose which was a really bad thing :-/

I got the hose and finilly started to wash the car. :/
then the war stoped!!we were still suspicious. whoever had the hose the other person would hide and scrub the car. :) I went inside because i was really COLD brrrrr! So it was just madi!

my next blog post will be on my old/new clothes!